New kitchen, toilet and bathroom facilities

Place at Skælskør camping are distributed around the entire campsite. – Check out the seat map and find your own “Favorite seat”.

We do not have gold, silver and bronze places. – All seats have separate 10 amp. automatic fuse, and there are maps for water points and waste water drains.

We therefore do not have “comfort pitches”, as we emphasize traditional camping, where the focus is elsewhere than on the interior of the unit itself.

We don’t have a central “Permanent area”, so the permanent residents are also distributed around the entire site in small cozy clusters. – It works !

The starting point is that everyone should feel welcome, regardless of where on the square they “land”, and then it is all the other experiences that should count.

Skælskør camping is a splendid and well-furnished family campsite, but also a peaceful place for those over 50 years old.

There are oceans of possibilities if you don’t want to laze around all day on the lovely and child-friendly Kobæk beach, which the site is close to. You could take a quick dip from our bathing bridge in the canal, many of the pitches are by the water, or visit our beautiful Skælskør, the harbor is a natural gem, take a trip with our tour boat Skælskør 5, restaurants right by the water, visit our bus museum, drive trip in a vintage bus from 1933 around the city, lots of cycling options, bikes can be rented here, take a kayak trip on the canal, kayaks can be rented here.

We have good sheltered conditions, new modern sanitary conditions and, not least, cozy and scenic surroundings as well as a splendid atmosphere.