Here are the applicable rules of order at the approved campsites

At a campsite, many people live in a limited area. They have different habits, and that is precisely part of the charm of camping. But this also means that a few, simple rules must necessarily apply, so that you avoid that some campers are a nuisance to others.


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Stay on site

The camp manager and his assistant(s) are responsible for peace and order and are available if problems arise. The camp director’s instructions must always be followed.

We ask that you show consideration for other camping guests and point out that noisy behavior is not permitted. In the time period at 23-07 there must be peace on the square.

During the stay, all driving must be limited to what is absolutely necessary, and this necessary driving must always take place at walking pace (under 15 km/h).

Only ordinary tents and awnings for caravans may be used. — Tent houses with fixed walls, windows and doors are not permitted. –Campers must be mobile, i.e. registered to drive according to the Road Traffic Act or be provided with the Camping Council’s green ID no.

According to the camp manager’s instructions, it is permitted to set up a storage tent of approx. 3 m². The reading rails normally found in the store must be set up – private fencing in addition to the unit’s space is not permitted. Digging on the unit site may only take place by agreement with the camp manager.

The use of any type of weapon and fireworks is prohibited on the site.

Trading on the site is only accepted if the camp manager’s permission is available.

Common facilities, i.e. toilets, washrooms, kitchens, etc., must be left in the same condition as you wish to find them, i.e. clean and tidy.

The waste containers set up on the site must always be used and only for household waste, you must dispose of everything else yourself. Car washing must not take place.

Play and ball games

– Most campsites have their own playground and ball field. Help your children find the places where they can play or play ball. Ball games may not take place between tents and caravans.


Dogs must be kept on a short leash. They must not bark and make unnecessary noise, and airing must take place outside the area of the site. Always have a plastic bag with you in case of an accident.


– You must notify the camp manager of your departure time as far in advance as possible, especially during periods with queues.

– Unless otherwise agreed with the camp manager, your pitch or cabin must be cleared and cleaned no later than 12 for the sake of newly arrived guests.


– The campsite owner and camp manager assume no responsibility for damage or loss of the camping guests’ belongings. Anyone who damages buildings, equipment or the belongings of fellow campers can be held liable according to the general compensation rules. Most camping guests are naturally considerate in their behavior. Sanctions against the few who do not comply with the square’s regulations can be expulsion.

Nature and environment

– We are located in the middle of nature, and we ask you to show consideration and care for both nature and the environment – both parts depend on your protection.

Season pitches

– For camping guests who have entered into an agreement with the campsite to rent a seasonal pitch, more detailed rules apply to the mobility of the caravans, the layout of the unit pitches and the ID number scheme.