About the camp manager

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New Camp Manager October 2014

My name is Carsten Jensen, and I have been the owner and camp manager at the campsite since October 2014.

The camp manager has the floor:

Dear reader, my name is Carsten, I am 58 years old, father of four and five lovely grandchildren.

For 33 years I have been a firefighter/fire chief in Hovedstadens Beredskab and of those 33 years I have been an ambulance driver for 15 years, but I chose a completely different path and wanted to try life as a campsite owner.

I have been part of Skælskør Camping since 2014, when I took over the lease of the campsite for Slagelse municipality.

The first year as a lessee was spent getting everything under control and at the same time getting a lot done on the site, but when it became necessary to make a change of ownership in the autumn of 2014, I bought the site from the municipality and have owned the site ever since.

Customer service and clean facilities are the most important

I consider our most important task to be to serve you, our guests. After all, it is you who show us the trust to visit our place on your holidays. We are therefore also here for your sake, and not the other way around.

Therefore, it is also extremely important to us that you, as a guest, contact us directly at reception if there is something that does not match your expectations, so that we have an opportunity to change this immediately. Because maybe there is something wrong that we are not aware of? Perhaps you have not received proper information? Or maybe we should adjust expectations?

We would really like to hear what you think about your stay with us. So feel free to let us know at reception – good or bad. Without your help and input, we will not develop, nor will we be able to strengthen what we want – customer satisfaction.

A campsite in constant development

In 2024, we can celebrate our 10th anniversary, and this is at a rapidly developing campsite. When I took over the place had 2 stars, but with the new improvements I now have 3 stars, we have actually invested more than 1 million over the last 8 years. DKK on development and upgrading of the square, to the modern square we ourselves think we are today.

When I took over the site in 2014, I got a brand new bathroom in the southern section and three years ago we also got a brand new bathroom and toilets in the northern end.

At the time of writing, we are making 6 motorhome pitches which will be ready for autumn.

Remember we are open all year round.

With these investments and our great efforts at the campsite, we are also really happy and proud when we open up every year for a new season.

And if you want to test us, all you have to do is find our booking page, book your next holiday – and then safely leave the rest to us.

On behalf of the entire team at Skælskør Camping, we would like to wish you all a good camping season.

And it doesn’t matter if it stays with us or one of the many other places in Vørde

Carsten Jensen
Camp manager Skælskør Camping